Cherryfield, the Icing on the Cake for the County of Washington

With a population of less than 1500, Cherryfield, Maine in Washington, D.C. may not be the most popular city in the world, but if one takes the time to discover it, one will enjoy it. This city has everything to seduce you, a breathtaking landscape, magnificent architecture, not to mention its rich and appealing history. It's the city by excellence for the lovers of peaceful tourism, there's nothing better than escaping the crowded tourist tours. It is also suitable for those who enjoy long walks in nature. The area around the Narraguagus River is definitely worth a visit.

Cherryfield Historic District

22 Sep 2020

Any visit to the Cherryfield Historic District should also include a look at the Cherryfield historic village. It is known for diverse types of architecture from the 19th century over an area of 75 acres. It is undoubtedly a beautiful place to enjoy some history and to take a walk around the lush greenery.

Washington County Railroad Bridge

30 Aug 2020

When visiting the beautiful city of Cherryfield, one of the absolute must-sees is the stunning Washington County Railroad Bridge. Spanning the scenic Narraguagus River, it is now only open to pedestrians who can admire its impressive architecture up close. Those visitors following the Down East Sunrise Trail can enjoy a break here.

Things To Do Near Maine

28 Mar 2020

Cadillac Mountain

The northeast is a beautiful part of the United States and there are loads of fun things to do in this part of the world. America may be lacking in historical architecture but one thing it boasts is the beauty of its land.

We enjoy the outdoors in different ways. Many enjoy playing sports. Others like to camp or go rafting. Our favorite things are hiking and mountain climbing. But what we all share in common is our love of the outdoors.

Maine Hiking

Maine offers incredible hiking locations - both for beginners and for those seeking an intense hiking experience. There are loads of hiking trails in this expansive state.

Here are our top 3 favorites!

  1. Cadillac Mountain
    This is the tallest mountain in Acadia National Park and offers one of the best views for watching the sunrise. Hikers can enjoy views of both the Atlantic Ocean as well as Bar Harbor. Hiking Cadillac Mountain is both a unique and invigorating experience.
  2. Mt Katahdin
    This is Maine’s tallest mountain and sits in the middle of the vast forests of Baxter State Park. The Knife's Edge is a popular trail with a tight-rope along a high ridge. Several trails meet here at the summit.
  3. Mount Battie
    One of the most photographed places in the State of Maine, this hike just outside of Camden Hills State Park offers incredible views. Hikers catch a glimpse of Camden, the Atlantic Ocean, and the islands just off the shoreline. It is a tough hike but definitely worth it.

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Cherryfield, Maine During Autumn

27 Feb 2020

Cherryfield in Maine is a beautiful place to visit during Autumn. The wonders of nature provide perfect scenery during a car trip or a short visit to the town. One of the most amazing events to witness is the Autumn leaves falling from the trees and the children playing in them.